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Guttersmiths is the area’s #1 Seamless Gutters  service provider in Madison WI.  We also offer copper gutter installation and decorative copper work.  Whether you are strictly concerned with functionality or you wish to create a distinguished look for your home or business, our promise is to provide high-quality, personalized service at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

Based in Sun Prairie, we primarily serve the Madison, WI area. However, we’ve traveled as far as the East Coast for specialized jobs. So whether you’re as far north of Madison as Baraboo or as far south as Evansville, we’re your seamless gutter and gutter guard experts.


Help me out by measuring your own gutters from the ground using a tape measure and the price guide below

I still self-perform some work, and don't have a salesman on payroll, so I usually can't field all the calls I receive.

Measuring your own gutters is pretty easy - print out the provided worksheet (or use a notepad), plug in the numbers from the price guide, and...Voila! You've got your estimate for new gutters.

If the price is acceptable to you, email me to schedule the work.


Difficult Install (price per foot) : $2 + Additional cost per foot

Some things that MAY qualify for difficult installation pricing include angled fascia board,roof strap installation, accessibility issues like steep terrain, and heights over two stories


  • Gutters are installed in seamless lengths
  • Formed from .032" aluminum coil stock
  • Approximately 35 standard colors available, as well as Kynar coatings for additional cost
  • Raytec hidden hangers spaced approximately 24" apart
  • Gutters are installed behind the drip edge to ensure water flows into the gutter and not behind it
  • Flashing is installed between the gutter and drip edge if the gutter falls below the drip edge to maintain pitch


Many new home builders hire gutter companies that use small 2" x 3" downspouts. These smaller spouts clog easily and oftentimes can't handle the water volume even if they aren't clogged.

You can hire Guttersmiths to upgrade the size of your down¬spouts from 2" x 3" to 3" x 4"

  • Upgrade size of existing downspouts from 2"x3" to 3"x4"
  • Includes removal of existing downspouts
  • Cut larger opening in gutter
  • Insert 3"x4" outlet
  • Install downspout with hinged extension at ground level


(suitable for most people not suitable for pine needles)

This is a small-hole, affordable alternative to the fancier products on the market. We've been installing these things for almost a decade now, and they work well for most people.

They keep out leafs, helicopters, and other tree debris. If you have pine needles, forget it - you need a micromesh product (see below).

If you're on a budget, we can do Leaf Solution micro mesh screens on areas of the home that have the pine needles, and EZ-Lock elsewhere.

Be aware, though, that pine needles do not always fall straight down and have a tendency to migrate away from the trees to other areas of the home.


This is a stainless steel micromesh product that keeps out the finer debris, like pine needles. They are costly, but still (unbelievably) half the price of the fancier products that you see at the home shows and on TV advertisements.

That blows my mind, because even the $25- $30 / foot products are not 100% foolproof - I know, because I've been hired to remove some of them.


  • Leaf Screen Specs
  • Leaf screen pricing includes cleaning out and disposing of leaf debris in the gutters
  • Screens are installed under the first course of shingles and fastened to the front lip of the gutter
  • EZ-Lock Screens are folded over at the end caps to prevent leaf debris from entering there
  • Aluminum covers are made to cover the openings at endcaps when installing Leaf Solution screens

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