This early Winter project gave Norm and I a chance to try out our new EZ Pot Pro in the snow. It worked well – it kept the irons hot and it held up against the Winter elements without a hitch. In years past, we used two irons and a charcoal pot to heat them. We’d rotate the irons to ensure one was always hot (in theory). This old-style system works well, though a handful of inconveniences associated with the charcoal pots make the upgrade to this newer system worth the extra bit of cash.

Install went smoothly. We tied into some existing gutter in two places. We installed blocks behind our #10 Bergers, instead of fastening them directly to the fascia, because the starter row of tiles overhung the fascia farther than usual. By bringing the brackets away from the fascia slightly, we prevented rainwater shedding from the roof and completely missing the gutters.