rube goldberg downspout

I have yet another wacky downspout for you this week. And once again, it reminds me of something from my childhood. (I think I might miss being a kid…) Serious question. Do you remember the board game Mouse Trap? Well you should because it was the best. It was basically my favorite and that’s why I got so excited when I saw this Rube Goldberg inspired downspout. This bad boy is located in Germany and not only does it look cool, but it makes music too! When it rains, the water is funnelled into different size pipes creating various pitches. Genius.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find a store that still sells Mouse Trap and uhhh…buy it for my nephew….yep for my nephew.


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    How cool is this?

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    This is just the perfect adornment for any abode! Thanks to Mrs. Guttersmith!

    • mrs. guttersmith Reply

      You’re welcome! Now if I could just persuade Mr. Guttersmith that we need something like this on our house….

  • Animalcouriers Reply

    This is just wonderful. We love exactly the same thing but you record all your finds. We’ll be watching for more. Lovely!

    • mrs. guttersmith Reply

      Well you must have great taste 😉 Thanks for the follow!

  • under the skies of arkansas Reply

    lol now thats what i call really getting down there

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