decorative downspout bracket
decorative downspout bracket

Spent a couple of weeks visiting friends and family in New York this Summer, and grabbed some photos of copper work, including this copper downspout.

This (I think) 4″x5″ copper downspout with soldered joints was located on Central Park West, cross street in the 60’s. The downspout has a scupper, or leaderhead, or decorative box (they have many names), at the connection with the gutter at the top, and transitions into a cast iron drain tile at the ground level. The downspout appears to be newer than the brackets and scupper, and was probably replaced at some point due to damage or theft. The downspout brackets were pretty amazing.

The brackets were made of bronze, or maybe solid copper, with a hinge on each side. These hinges should allow for the removal of the downspout without having to fully remove the bracket. This makes it easier to complete maintenance tasks on the masonry behind the downspout, and also makes it easier to replace or service the downspout over the years.

Loking forward to posting more of these architectural details down the road!



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