The first install I tagged along for brought John, Norm, Chris and myself to Marinette Wisconsin. This incredible house was built in 1881 and saw a few changes with each new owner. Jason and Jennifer, the fifth set (and current) owners, added a tower and restored the porch before deciding to put in new gutters and downspouts. They knew they wanted half round gutters installed but were having a difficult time finding any gutter companies in their area that worked with anything other than K-style. In their search for a reliable company, they found and contacted Guttersmiths to see if we’d be willing to travel up north to install six inch half round gutters and smooth round downspouts custom painted in Naples Sunrise Purple to match their home’s color scheme. “The Doll House,” one of the nicknames given to the home by local residents, turned out to be a fun install to be a part of. I got a little hands-on experience, learned a lot about the materials and process of hanging gutters and proved to be helpful to the guys as a gofer :). It was a great experience and we were all grateful for the opportunity to work on this phenomenal house. Enjoy the pictures!


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